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Currently we are running active servers for the following games:

BECTI Gameplay Operations

BECTI Gameplay Operations

BECTI is a Team PvP game mode, which focuses on 'Capture the Island' style of gameplay. BECTI is one of the few missions which utilize every playstyle and command level within Arma 3. Players can play on their own, or command squads of AI. They can play with friends in a squad of human players, or they can Command the whole battlefield, even utilizing Zeus.


The goal is to capture a majority of the Islands towns. And/or destroying the Enemy forces Mobile HQ.

Liberation Ranks project


Build a Database on to the Liberation mission, which will allow players to earn their ranks over time, and maintain their ranks when the mission resets. The database will also allow Admins to monitor players progress. Players will earn their own Cash with which they can buy vehicles. The global Ammo resource will be for commanders and higher ranks, to purchase larger assets, such as Arty, and Support vehicles (like CAS).

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