RedM RolePlay Server - Whitelist Details

Welcome! You are here because you are interested in learning about the server and getting on the whitelist.

Join the Discord Server and you will be asked a few questions for whitelisting.

Currently the server is in development state right now, and any mods / devs who wish to help out are welcome.

The server owner, Sir Roadwolf is a pretty chill dude, who has been hosting game servers for 15 years now. He is quite mature and laid back and has quite a bit of RP experience.

Squad Server

Welcome to the FlyingCircus gaming clan. The FlyingCircus clan is a loose community of gamers who started playing together on Team Fortress 2 back in 2010. We were mostly all young adults at the time, and life happened. We are all spread out now. But that doesn't mean that we don't like playing games and meeting new people.

Active Servers!

Join our Discord server here: Discord Invite Link

Currently we are running active servers for the following games:

Avorion []

Valheim [] password Buffalo

Squad [] (Buffalo, NY | NEW SERVER | FlyingCircus - Newbie Friendly)

Minecraft TheClassicPack (TechnicLauncher) []

Life is Feudal: Your Own []

BECTI Gameplay Operations

BECTI Gameplay Operations

BECTI is a Team PvP game mode, which focuses on 'Capture the Island' style of gameplay. BECTI is one of the few missions which utilize every playstyle and command level within Arma 3. Players can play on their own, or command squads of AI. They can play with friends in a squad of human players, or they can Command the whole battlefield, even utilizing Zeus.


The goal is to capture a majority of the Islands towns. And/or destroying the Enemy forces Mobile HQ.

Liberation Ranks project


Build a Database on to the Liberation mission, which will allow players to earn their ranks over time, and maintain their ranks when the mission resets. The database will also allow Admins to monitor players progress. Players will earn their own Cash with which they can buy vehicles. The global Ammo resource will be for commanders and higher ranks, to purchase larger assets, such as Arty, and Support vehicles (like CAS).

Minecraft Server Chicken Exploit Fix

So I happened to encounter an interesting exploit last week on my Minecraft server.  Basically had an area in the map which if you went anywhere near it, you would lag out so much, that it could crash the server.  This was in a popular area, and therefore the server was crippled.  I took the server off line, and investigated the problem on MC Edit.  The map was laggy in MC Edit as well, but while it displayed some odd Entities located in the center of the effected area, it did not show any

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