BECTI Gameplay Operations

BECTI Gameplay Operations

BECTI is a Team PvP game mode, which focuses on 'Capture the Island' style of gameplay. BECTI is one of the few missions which utilize every playstyle and command level within Arma 3. Players can play on their own, or command squads of AI. They can play with friends in a squad of human players, or they can Command the whole battlefield, even utilizing Zeus.


The goal is to capture a majority of the Islands towns. And/or destroying the Enemy forces Mobile HQ.


As a new player to BECTI, you will be encouraged to join an existing human squad if possible. However if that isn't possible or desired, you will be in your own squad, and will be responsible for purchasing units to assist you in your efforts to capture towns and kill the enemy. Using the interaction menu you can bring up the purchasing window, which will allow you to purchase AI units to assist you. Currently the limit for AI units is 30.

Commanding AI:

Learning how to command them is a skill in it's self. Utilizing Shift-` will select all units (or units grouped with you), and using the number keys along the top of the keyboard will give orders. Selecting the F1-10 keys will select individual units. Selecting F12 will proceed to the next 10 units, and pressing F11 will go back to the previous 10 units.

Commander Role and Tasks

The team's Commander is a vital role. It is best left to experienced BECTI players. Commanding focuses more on logistics and planning, with a touch of support. And much less on actual combat.

The Commander will first want to build a base of operations while keeping the MHQ safe. The Commander may also provide Artillery, Medical, and Repair support to frontline troops to assist in the capture of nearby towns to lock down the main base's location and help to fortify it. They will also want to begin researching tech's which will help advance their team's abilities.

Eventually the Commander will move the MHQ to a new location and build other redundant bases. Keeping in mind that there is a limit of 6 base areas that can be created.

Keeping the MHQ safe is his top priority, as if it is destroyed, his team looses.

Task Priority

Look on the map for the nearest Green town. Or if there is none, look for the nearest White circled town, and advance towards it. It should go active, and you can begin your assault.

Capture the town by positioning troops inside the small circle on the map, near the center of town. The town will only deactivate and allow the capture of another town, when all enemies are cleared out and eliminated.


Civilians are present during the game. They will auto-populate in towns when active. Killing Civilians will sometimes trigger a message to ALL players, telling them a Civilians was killed, and what town that Civilian was in. If you are trying to keep your operations secret, it is best to avoid killing Civilians or destroying Civilian vehicles.