Arma 3 Operations

Arma 3 serves as our most popular game at the moment. Focusing on co-op capture the island (CTI) style missions, we focus on working as a team to have fun, and accomplish goals together. We focus on being a mature, casual, but professional group. Immaturity will swiftly get people removed from the server. However, if you help out, assist in helping others out, and in general act as a good team player, you will likely be rewarded with extra abilities, permissions, and possibly rank within our unit.

Communications and Command Tree

It is suggested that all ground forces operating within an AO (Area of Operations) be in the same Squad. However, players who are skilled at, and prefer to operate Squads of AI units, may choose to avoid joining a Squad of players, and instead command the AI units. It is SOP for squads to use in game voice chat, on the Group voice channel.

Due to the PvP nature of BECTI, It is advised to be cautious when discussing locations of strategic importance, on channels which are monitored by members of the enemy.

Squad leaders may be Clan based ranked individuals, or self-assigned leaders. Clan ranked individuals always have priority over who officially commands the squad. However, existing squads formed under non-clan ranked individuals may be maintained and led by the original leaders if the Clan ranked individual joins mid-operation.

During larger scale operations, Command may operate on a Discord server. Each side has their own Discord channel for operations in BECTI, on the clan's Discord server.

Squad Leaders may connect to the Discord voice channel, in order to help with co-ordination. JTAC, and Command elements will also be present in that channel, and it will be used for co-ordination, intel/situational awareness, and support requests. All Squad Leaders, Pilots, Commanders and specialized support units should be in the Discord channel.

Command elements may be grouped together in game within their own squad, and utilize in game Group chat for communication within the command chain.

Communication Standard

To maintain clear and understandable communications during active operations, any unit wishing to talk on Global, Command or Side Channels in game, must do so in a professional manner.

To communicate directly from player to player, you must first call the other player. i.e. "Frosty, Frosty, THIS IS RW". This gets the attention of the other player being called. Frosty in this case could reply "Go ahead", or "Frosty on". The message can then continue. When the conversation is done, "10-4", "Out", "Over", or "Acknowledged" may be used to signify the end of the transmission. During a communication, the channel is considered in use, and all other transmissions must wait.

Priority / Emergency communications may break in, with the preface "Break". Extremely urgent communications may include "FLASH, FLASH, FLASH" (wait a second for air to clear) "{message}... {callsign} Out".

Current Command Structure:

Captain 'Roadwolf' Scajaquada (Command, Training and Development)
Lieutenant Frostymcburn (Platoon Leader)
Sergeant Jager
Sergeant Shadblade5
Sergeant Dawson


Arma 3 BECTI: (always online)
Arma 3 Training Server: (password: frosty) (when requested)
Arma 3 Dogfighting Server: (when requested)
Arma 3 Liberation: (when requested)
Arma 3 Rush Redux Server:

Services & Events:

Training. We offer guided training in a zeus environment.

Liberation Massive Co-op Team Play: Friday Evenings, and Sunday Evenings.

BECTI PvP Mission: Monday and Tuesday evenings (planned)

Mission Development, Training and testing: Wednesday evenings, and Saturday's

Anti-Stasi Day: Thursdays (planned)


Attendance is never required for events within this community. If you show up, great, otherwise, we will adapt. Real life is always more important and takes priority over in game activities.

We figured a command structure would help assist planning and co-ordination during gameplay.