Liberation Ranks project


Build a Database on to the Liberation mission, which will allow players to earn their ranks over time, and maintain their ranks when the mission resets. The database will also allow Admins to monitor players progress. Players will earn their own Cash with which they can buy vehicles. The global Ammo resource will be for commanders and higher ranks, to purchase larger assets, such as Arty, and Support vehicles (like CAS).

Explaining the interface:

The players name will be linked to their Database entry. The database focuses on the Steam Player ID, however it will update the name file each time the player logs in. An archived copy of the name is kept in another database field for forensic reasons.

The ranks will be based on the rank attributes listed below. Small up and down buttons will be available for commanders, and promotions and demotions will trigger a global server message.

Global Kills and K/D
Global all time Kills and a K/D ratio will be listed.

Last Session Kills and Deaths
Last session kills and deaths will be listed, this is mostly for forensic purposes. Friendly fire will cause negative kills. This is reset every 24 hours.

Player Cash
Players will earn cash for themselves while playing. This cash can be used to buy medium sized purchased. Tanks, Helicopters... Mortars? Smaller purchases will still be mostly free, save for the global limit on fuel and manpower. And larger purchases such as planes, and arty, will be only allowed for higher ranks to make with global Ammo currency.

Last Online
This will display the time since the player was last online.

Significant Kills
This will show all time significant kills, with last session kills listed in brackets. enemy kills will show positive. friendly fire kills will show negative.

Friendly Fire
This will show how many times the person has been a victim or caused friendly fire. A Red, negative, number will mean the person has killed people, a positive or green number indicated the person has been killed by people. The brackets show change from last session.

Idea of Database:

-Monitor and log all player progress (kills, deaths, ammo gained, ammo used, purchases, and experience)
-use players experience to assign a rank to the player.
-allow vehicle purchases with rank.
-restrict vehicle usage based on rank.
-if a player has too many friendly fire incidents, to kick them or ban them.

initial rank.
Allowed access to rifles, sidearms, unguided launchers and grenades only.
Not allowed to use mortars or static weapons.
Allowed access to quads, medical respawn, and MRAP's

after 100 kills
Allowed access to rifles, sidearms, and all launchers. Not allowed mortars or static weapons.
Granted access to all light vehicles, including support vehicles. Granted access to light helicopters.

after 500 kills.
Allowed to use all arsenal items, including mortars and static weapons.
Granted access to Bobcat, Light Tanks, and Heavy Helicopters.

After 1000 kills.
Granted access to Heavy Tanks, and Jets.

After 2000 Kills
After clan membership
Allowed access to Commander spot.

Other ideas:

- Force Icon over players heads.
- Clean up Earplug options
- Fix GOM Aircraft Loadout issues.

Current status: =TFC=Liberation2.025.rar

If anyone is willing to help out, please feel free to download the file above, and have at it. I am willing to offer some compensation for completion.